Speech, Occupational & Physical Therapy

Specialized therapeutic services emphasize the development of basic skills, and support each child’s ability to interact with family, friends and community. Early and regular assessments identify the needs and strengths of each child. Following orders from the Medical Director and child’s Primary Care Physician, speech-language pathologists work to improve  children’s speech and language skills and oral motor abilities such as those used in eating. 
Occupational therapists work to improve the coordination of small muscles of the body, including those of the hands and face. They also understand the importance of sensations such as touch, movement, sight, sound, smell and the pull of gravity. Physical therapists work to improve the coordination of large muscle groups such as those in the arms, legs and trunk of the body. Coordination with specialized agencies facilitates securing support and adaptive equipment such as braces, walkers, wheel chairs and communication devices.
Home programs are frequently developed to allow families to reinforce therapeutic goals when their child is away from the KIDS FIRST clinic.