Early Intervention

KIDS FIRST nurse and student sharing a special moment.Early intervention services at KIDS FIRST are provided in a center-based setting with an individualized focus. Every child at KIDS FIRST receives a developmental evaluation that includes input from parents to highlight the child’s strengths and needs.
More specialized evaluations by an occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech/language pathologist, psychological examiner, or behavioral specialist may be included in the evaluation process.
These evaluations lead to development of each child’s treatment plan. The treatment plan is developed by a team of parents and caring professionals with a family-centered approach.
Our highly qualified early childhood development specialists and caregivers daily provide developmentally appropriate activities that emphasize skills targeted in the treatment plan, providing needed support and encouragement as the children progress. 

Developmentally appropriate curriculum, child assessment and individualized programming produces high quality, long lasting benefits. As a program of excellence, KIDS FIRST utilizes Carolina Curriculum for Children with Special Needs, which meets Arkansas educational standards in Benchmarks and Frameworks. Every day within our treatment rooms, this researched based curriculum:
  • challenges
  • individualizes
  • engages birth to preschool age children
  • promotes positive outcomes
Other materials and activities are incorporated into the daily schedule at KIDS FIRST to enhance children’s learning in all areas.  In 2007, the Creative Nutrition award from the American Dietetic Association’s Pediatric Practice Group was awarded to one of these quality resources, the KIDS FIRST Putting KIDS FIRST: A Nutrition and Physical Activity Curriculum. This curriculum was developed by KIDS FIRST pediatric registered dieticians, early childhood special educators and early childhood developmental specialists.