Director: Sharron Emery, BA

221 Lindley Lane
Newport, AR 72112

KIDS FIRST Newport has a spacious new building that has allowed them to expand their capacity for serving children from 0-5 with special needs.  More to come about this new facility very soon.            

'A child clinic in a mall - whoever heard of such a thing!’  It’s true!  The KIDS FIRST clinic in Newport proves that it can be done.  But first, the enthusiastic Jackson County Industrial Developer showed the KIDS FIRST advance team the former train station, the vacant movie house, and a long-gone grocery store, but all proved to be unsatisfactory space. Then came the unlikely mall suggestion, which with suitable renovation, would do just fine.  Well, the playground was a bit of a challenge but with some fencing and soft ground cover, the former parking lot was transformed.

The decision to locate in Jackson County was made after learning that the county had no clinic-based child health Services available  and the city of  Newport seemed  the ideal  central location.

An initial community meeting proved interesting with lots of support shown.  One person seemingly against the concept eventually changed her mind and came to work for the program.  The clinic opened to enthusiastic reviews and one community volunteer offered to paint a mural in the playroom.

The clinic moved to its new home designed especially for KIDS FIRST in August 2006.  This larger and more spacious building will allow the clinic to serve even more area children. 

KIDS FIRST-Newport works in cooperation with local, area and state colleges to provide observation and training to nursing, early childhood and special education students.

For more information contact us at: 870-523-2124.

Donations made through the UAMS Foundation will benefit the children served in Newport.
Please indicate in the Fund Name field that Newport is the clinic you wish to support.

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