KIDS FIRST Employee Recognition

Thirteen KIDS FIRST employees were honored in October 2012 as recipients of this year’s BEV award, a coveted honor named for a loved and well respected employee of KIDS FIRST, Beverly Bursk, who died in 2001. The 11 KIDS FIRST clinics, Program Operations office, and Following Baby Back Home accept nominations each year and a recipient is chosen from each clinic as someone who best represents the qualities necessary to care for special kids in a special way. These 13 and their guests were feted with a luncheon at the Governor’s Mansion, and winners received a certificate, wall plague, flowers, and a monetary gift from the KIDS FIRST Auxiliary.

Honored this year were: Monitia Johnson-Turner, Early Childhood Development Specialist in Little Rock; Brenda Wilson, Physical Therapist in Morrilton; Judith Collier, Child Care Technician in Pocahontas; Debra Charles, Child Care Technician in Pine Bluff; Nancy Nicholson, Child Care Technician in Warren; Gabby Clark, Speech Therapist in Ft. Smith; Sue Wells, Child Care Technician in Lowell; Sheray Featherston, Social Worker in Mt. View; Julia Dinnwiddie, Child Care Technician in Searcy; Erika Smith, Child Care Technician in Magnolia; Stephanie Hardaway, Child Care Technicin Newport; Denise Pendergist, Program Manager at Program Operations Center; Carole Schuster, Social Worker with Following Baby Back Home.