Enrollment at a KIDS FIRST clinic is based on two things: the needs of the child and the capacity of the clinic. Each of our 11 clinics has a different capacity, typically mirroring the size of the community they serve. From less than 40 in Mountain View to more than 100 in Pine Bluff, each clinic must limit enrollment to the number they can safely and effectively serve.

Referrals are received almost daily in the clinics. The process of enrollment begins with a referral. Parents are contacted for an appointment to begin intake. Following an intake assessment by the clinic’s registered nurse the child/family may be appointed for a developmental pediatric evaluation by one of KIDS FIRST’s medical directors. The decision to enroll rests with the medical director ‘s informed clinical opinion of the needs of each child. Further evaluations may be ordered to assess cognitive, speech language and fine and gross motor skills.

An individualized treatment plan is developed for each child enrolled in a KIDS FIRST clinic. This treatment plan sets the stage for the interdisciplinary programming that will meet the needs of the child. Families are highly encouraged to be part of the treatment planning process and to participate in treatment by asking treatment room staff for activities they can do at home.

Continued enrollment for each child depends on their continuing need for services. Some children only require a brief enrollment while others remain in the program for up to 5 years.