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Curriculum Cover for Putting KIDS FIRST: A Nutrition and Physical Activity Curriculum


Developed by KIDS FIRST, special educators, early childhood developmental specialists and pediatric registered dietitians, the Putting KIDS FIRST: A Nutrition & Physical Activity Curriculum incorporates all learning domains into a healthy nutrition and physical activity based program that includes art, food, music, and moving. 

Kids will sing and groove with Willy Wheat Bread and friends as nutrition facts become meaningful and physical activity becomes fun. Seventy-five fun-filled projects and fifty-five pages of reproducible graphics cover all food groups and water.  Activities are aligned with the Arkansas Preschool Frameworks.

Leader’s Guide
The leader’s guide provides educators and caregivers with nutrition facts and reproducible handouts for families. An extensive resource list provides information and guidelines to help leaders and families instill positive attitudes in children to make healthy lifestyle choices.

CD Cover for Nutrition & Fitness can be FUN!KIDS FIRST teamed up with The Learning Station to produce a super collection of 15 songs with brand new lyrics set to children’s all time favorite tunes.

Songs packed full of interaction and physical activity teach children about all food groups and make learning a BLAST!  Lyrics and suggested motions are included.

Bored Time Boogie Spinner Game Board
An exciting board game designed to increase physical activity and make those dull transition times easier!  May be used individually or with groups.  Children ages 3-7 will delight in spinning the wheel and making muscles, doing the boogie squat, the up and down boogie stretch, boogie stomp, jumping jacks and the wild card boogie.  Bored Time Boogie

Two sizes of this sturdy foam-mounted board with spinner, colorful graphics and instructions are available: 
Large: 22x22                         
Small: 12x12

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