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Charles K. Lumpkin, Ph.D.

Picture of Picture ofCharles K. Lumpkin
  • Assistant Professor, College of Medicine, Department of Pathology
  • Professor, College of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics


  • Endocrinology and Diabetes


  • Basic Scientist

Contact Information

  • Email:
    Phone: 501-364-1430
    Fax: 501-364-5880
    Address: Arkansas Children's Hospital
    1 Children's Way
    Little Rock, AR 72202


  • B.A., University Of New Mexico, 1970
  • M.A., University Of New Mexico, 1972
  • Ph.D., University Of New Mexico, 1976


  • Teaching Assistant/Instructor for Human Genetics, Pediatrics, University of New Mexico, 1974-1976
  • Research Technician, Pediatrics, University of Washington, 1976-1978
  • Postdoctoral Trainee, Adjunct Professor SUNY-Plattsburg, W. Alton Jones Cell Science Center, 1978-1980
  • Postdoctoral Trainee, Pediatrics, Medical College of Virginia, 1980-1981
  • Fellow, Pediatrics, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 1981-1983
  • Research Associate , Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine, 1983-1985
  • Molecular Biologist, Pediatrics, McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital, 1985-1987
  • Co-Director Laboratory of Limb Regeneration, Pediatrics, Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute, 1993-2008

Clinical & Research Interests

  • Basic Science, Translational Research, Bone repair/regeneration research in the areas of chronic ethanol exposure, diabetes, and aging

Recent Honors

  • Co-Mentor of the Year, DOP, 2014

Recent Publications

  • Journal Article, Thrailkill KM,., Bunn CR., Nyman JS., Rettiganti MR., Cockrell GE., Wahl EC., Uppuganti S., Lumpkin CK Jr., Fowlkes JL. SGLT2 inhibitor therapy improves blood glucose but does not prevent diabetic bone disease in diabetic DBA/2J male mice.. Bone 2016 Jan; 82:101-107.
  • Journal Article, Stine KC., Wahl EC., Liu L., Skinner RA., Vanderschilden J., Bunn RC., Montgomery CO., Suva LJ., Aronson J., Becton DL., Nicholas RW., Swearingen CJ., Lumpkin CK Jr. Nutlin-3 treatment spares cisplatin-induced inhibition of bone healing while maintaining osteosarcoma toxicity.. J Ortho Res 2016 Feb; epub ahead of print
  • Journal Article, Wahl, EC., Aronson, J., Liu, L., Skinner, RA., Miller, MJ., Fowlkes, JL., Ronis, MJJ., Lumpkin C. Direct bone formation during distraction osteogenesis in TNF receptor 1 deficient Mice is protected from the negative effects of chronic ethanol. Alcohol 2012 46(2):133-138.
  • Journal Article, Thrailkill KM., Jo CH., Cockrell GE., Moreau CS., Lumpkin CK Jr., Fowlkes JL. Determinants of undercarboxylated and carboxylated osteocalcin concentrations in type 1 diabetes.. Osteoporosis Int. 2012 23:1799-1806.
  • Journal Article, Lumpkin CK Jr., Wahl EC., Aronson J., Liu L., Skinner RA., Ronis MJJ. Metabolic Endotoxemia and Inhibition of Direct Bone Regeneration. Brit J Med Med 2012 2:510-519.
  • Journal Article, Mercer K., Wynne RA., Lazarenko OP., Lumpkin CK., Hogue WR., Suva L., Chen J-R., Mason AZ., Badger TM., Ronis MJJ. Vitamin D supplementation protects against bone loss associated with chronic alcohol administration in the female rat.. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 2012 343:401-412.
  • Journal Article, Chen JR., Lazarenko OP., Shankar K., Blackburn ML., Lumpkin C., Ronis MJ. Inhibition of NADPH Oxidases Prevents Chronic Ethanol-Induced Bone Loss in Female Rats. . J Pharmacol Exp Ther 2011 336:734-742.
  • Journal Article, Nyman JS., Even JL., Jo CH., Herbert EG., Murry MR., Cockrell GE., Wahl EC., Bunn RC., Lumpkin C., Fowlkes JL., Thrailkill KM. Increasing duration of type 1 diabetes perturbs the strength-structure relationship and increases brittleness of bone. . Bone 2011 48:733-740.
  • Journal Article, Fowlkes JL., Bunn RC., Cockrell GE., Clark L., Wahl EC., Lumpkin C., Thrailkill KM. Dysregulation of the intrarenal vitamin D endocytic pathway in a nephropathy-prone mouse model of Type 1 Diabetes. . Exp Diabetes Res 2011 :269378.
  • Journal Article, Thrailkill KM., Moreau CS., Cockrell GE., Jo C-H., Bunn RC., Morales-Pozzo AE., Lumpkin C., Fowlkes JL. Disease and gender-specific dysregulation of NGAL and MMP-9 in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Endocrine 2010 37:336-343.

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