Mental Health

Head Start embraces a vision of “Mental Wellness” for all children, parents and staff.  The mental health goals are interwoven throughout services and activities offered by the Head Start Program.  The ultimate goal for all participating children is that they will be “Socially Competent” when they complete Head Start and transition to kindergarten.  Head Start strives to have every child attending program the program ready to learn. 

The social and emotional well being of every child is important to the program.  Children are taught skills which will develop a good sense of self esteem, self identity, and self worth.  Many social skill activities are implemented in the classrooms by our teachers.  Teaching children the skills for listening, following directions, following the rules, self discipline and the importance of sharing and cooperating with others. 

All children enrolled receive an initial screening and assessment for social, emotional and behavioral strengths and/or concerns.

The program has a licensed Mental Health Consultant available to the program.  When a child is having behavioral and/or emotional difficulties, this consultant will work directly with the parents and staff if the child needs a more direct approach to increase his/her social & emotional capabilities. 

Prevention, identification, early intervention and treatment are most important in order for children to remain Mentally Healthy.