Policy Council

Policy Council is the parents’ voice in major program decisions including such items as our recruitment plan, personnel policies, and budgets and funding proposals.  Each Head Start site elects on Policy Council Representative and one Alternate.  These individuals represent their site at monthly Council meetings and report during the monthly parent meetings.  The Policy Council function is to ensure Head Start/Early Head Start’s compliance with federal regulations, and make decisions regarding programming. 

The Policy Council meets monthly at a date and time set by the council.  Meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend; however, only elected Policy Council members may vote.

Policy Council Responsibilities:

  • To be informed and keep other parents informed about issues facing Policy Council. 
  • To attend monthly meetings regularly and notify staff in advance if you are unable to attend.
  • To advocate for the best interest of all Head Start families.
  • To attend classroom parent meetings and represent parent concerns to the Council.
  • To facilitate the parent committee meetings.
  • To attend trainings and share the information with others.
  • Be on working committees that help the Head Start program.