About Head Start

Success Story: Georgia Walker

When an organization seeks to put forth credibility, it tends to look into its past and find people and events that shed light upon the trustworthiness of that organization. So when UAMS Head Start was looking for individuals to speak about their program and its history, they couldn't have picked a better spokesperson than Georgia Walker.

Success Story: Maria Barreiro

When little Alejandro Alvarez was 2 years old, his young life completely changed. He was in a new house, a new city, and a new country. Alejandro had been living with his family in Madrid, Spain and suddenly he was surrounded by people that didn't speak his language. He needed to adapt to his new surroundings quickly.

Success Story: Charlotte Franklin

Times were tough for Charlotte Franklin and her family. After recently losing her job of 9 years, things were looking bleak for her and her children. Her three boys, Ernest, Sam and Christopher were certainly going to be affected by this, but because the older boys had already entered regular school, Christopher was due to be affected the most.