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The Arkansas LEND program is an initiated statewide effort to explore, develop, and evaluate new and better ways to address medically, socially, and economically interrelated health and developmental needs of children with special health care needs and their families. Utilizing a multidisciplinary collaboration of professionals, the Arkansas LEND programs priorities include wellness and prevention, screening and diagnosis, treatment and intervention, training and education, service access, public policy and advocacy, and research and evaluation. Arkansas LEND programs are supported by a myriad of University based programs that provide care for both children and adults with special health care needs statewide that cross state and organizational boundaries with clinical, research and training initiatives.

The Arkansas LEND faculty are trained health care professionals in developmental disabilities that are affiliated with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the University of Conway. Arkansas LEND training clinics are also integrated with local communities and utilize local services to ensure individualized care for at- risk children and persons with severe disabilities often confused with Autism or ASD. The Arkansas LEND programs are dedicated to serving this population of children and families with severe disabilities by promoting an increased awareness of neuro-developmental and behavioral disabilities through evidenced-based education, early detection and early intervention and clinical programs without barriers to service related to financial, cultural or location.

The LEND faculty have developed a curriculum for community providers that will lead to competence in diagnosis and identification of neuro-developmental disorders and ASD. The goals and objectives of the Arkansas LEND programs will provide training each year for thirteen trainees who will compete for scholarships and complete a curriculum that includes leadership development, research skills and Maternal Child Health knowledge content in a multitude of areas not limited to diseases prevention, cultural competence and family centered care, advocacy for vulnerable populations, and coordination of systems care. In addition, each year thirty community-based professionals will develop new skills necessary to identify, diagnose, rule out and intervene with children with neuro-developmental and disabilities related to Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The Arkansas LEND promotes a medical home for every child and family with disabilities. Finally, the Arkansas LEND programs will provide training to Title V and other community-based professionals on neuro-developmental disabilities with technical assistance to those agencies that promotes program development, grants writing, needs assessments and evaluation tools. The Arkansas LEND crosses organizational and state boundaries with both internal and external education and training programs that increases awareness of neuro-behavioral developmental disabilities with a focus on ASD and reduces barriers to early detection through cooperation with federal, state and private programs that serve persons with disabilities.

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