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Faculty Development

Faculty Development

 “Faculty development has a critical role to play in promoting academic excellence and innovation.”  

(Wilkerson and Irby, Academic Medicine, 73(4), 1998).

As the landscape of medical schools continues to change in response to increasing demands of medical education reform, diminishing resources, and increased competition, academic success is no longer a foregone conclusion. Faculty members are increasingly expected to be successful researchers, effective educators, productive clinicians, and institutional leaders. Therefore, the Office of Faculty Development seeks to equip health care professionals with knowledge and skills essential for the development of faculty from diverse backgrounds, at all ranks and tracks, as they pursue their professional goals and institutional missions.

The goals of the FD program are accomplished through the Office of Faculty Affairs, Office of Education and the Department of Pediatrics’ Faculty Council.

The FD Program:

  • Sponsors events advancing excellence in teaching and learning, leadership development, research skills, and innovation in clinical care.
  • Organizes monthly seminars.
  • Organizes and supports an annual faculty development day.
  • Provides support to faculty at affiliated institutions and hospitals.
  • Maintains a regular calendar of faculty development opportunities.


The mission of the Department of Pediatrics’ Faculty Development Program is to develop a culture that promotes faculty growth, resident success and institutional excellence.

The office will collaborate with others to achieve the following goals:

  • Support innovative instructional methods
  • Engage in interdisciplinary research and scholarship
  • Promote clinical excellence
  • Cultivate leaders across various disciplines
  • Sustain faculty growth and development


Faculty Development Calendar


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